Tailored solutions

Delivering text mining services, applications and models that suit your needs.

What we do

  • We develop and deliver multilingual innovative solutions in text mining.
  • We combine advanced natural language processing (NLP) with domain knowledge in the form of ontologies and machine learning.
  • We can extract information from texts, classify documents, prepare predictive models, etc.
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What you can do

  • Analyze clients' emails, classify them and extract relevant information about clients.
  • In healthcare, you can analyze information hidden in medical records and search for patients with specific combinations of conditions or laboratory results.
  • Automatically process your contracts and other kinds of legal documents.
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One of our projects

HAI Discovery Platform

Healthcare associated infections (HAI) are infections that patients can get while receiving medical treatment in a healthcare facility (e.g., ventilator-associated pneumonia or catheter-associated urinary tract infection). Such infections might be life-threatening for patients and costly for hospitals.

Our new platform automatically detects a potential HAI from unstructured medical records and looks for factors, which are likely to cause these infections. This improves preventive measures and increases reimbursements from properly coded hospitalizations.