Datlowe, s.r.o.
Poděbradská 540/26
190 00 Praha 9

IČ: 02931737


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info [at]


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The Team

We are a small but highly capable company. All members of our team are well educated experts in their fields and together we cover the whole range of our activities - software development, applied research, consulting.


Our team possesses various skills: We have senior project managers and business consultants. We have academic experts in linguistics and semantic web technologies. We have hands-on data scientists with both data analysis and machine learning know how. And we of course have experienced software architects and developers.

Team members

We started as a team of 4 enthusiasts in 2014 and our group has tripled in size since then. The members of our team are mostly graduates of the Charles University in Prague. We also regularly participate on the University’s career markets and we offer opportunities to current students.


We cooperate with partners who provide us with further expertise, for example business domain know-how, specific technical know-how (e.g. image processing). We are able to deliver complex projects involving large amounts of business consulting that cover whole end-to-end business processes.

Collaboration with research

We collaborate with several universities, but mostly
with the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles Univesrity in Prague.

IFAL Charles University

Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics at Charles University in Prague is a world-class research center. They are working in the the areas of natural language processing, machine translation, speech processing and others. We are applying the results of their research into our products and offer them feedback from the industry.

Real Data Science

The newly established center called Real Data Science is working in the area of data science. It is especially good at data harvesting, data cleaning and data publishing in the format of Linked Data. Is also solves problems connected to text processing and predictive analysis.


We are happy to collaborate with smart people from any research field related to our business. If you have any ideas that might interest us do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to talk to you. Ideally, drop us an email at info [at]